An ACLU guide to individual rights, given the rise of instances against American Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim.



People witness to or experiencing bias-motivated threats can report the incidents over the phone at 1-800-994-3228, as well as by filling out a civil rights complaint online to the Attorney General. Potential hate crimes, including bias-motivated assault, battery, and property damage, should also be reported to the local police in the first instance, according to Healey’s office, who encourages people with immediate safety concerns to call 911.





According to Gallup, Muslims are the “most racially diverse religious group surveyed in the United States, with African Americans making up the largest contingent within the population, at 35%.” This diversity is furthered by a wide array of interpretations of Islam among its U.S. practitioners and again by the large number of national origins represented among American Muslim immigrants.

Research shows that personally knowing a Muslim reduces the likelihood of a person holding anti-Islam bias. In 2009 the Pew Research Center reported, “Those people who know a Muslim are less likely to see Islam as encouraging of violence; similarly, those who are most familiar with Islam and Muslims are most likely to express favorable views of Muslims and to see similarities between Islam and their own religion.”




National The Institute of Muslim Mental Health
The Institute of Muslim Mental Health is a non-profit organization dedicated to its CORE mission: Community Outreach, Research, and Education
National ISNA
The Islamic Society of North America has served the Muslims of this continent for well over forty years. During this period ISNA has provided many invaluable services to the Muslim community of North America. Most manifest of course, is the ISNA Annual Convention, which, since its very inception has been a meeting place of people and ideas. In addition to building bridges of understanding and cooperation within the diversity that is Islam in America, ISNA is now playing a pivotal role in extending those bridges to include all people of faith within North America.
National Muslim Public Affairs Council
The Muslim Public Affairs Council improves public understanding and policies that impact American Muslims by engaging our government, media and communities.
National Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights
KARAMAH seeks to create a global network of advocates for the rights of Muslim women, who are knowledgeable about the gender-equitable principles of Islam, possess the capacity to share this information with others, and are able to advance the cause of Muslim women’s rights in legal and social environments. KARAMAH works to build this global network of informed, empowered advocates in two ways – first, by creating and sharing knowledge about the rights Islamic law grants to women, and second, by educating Muslim women in Islamic jurisprudence, leadership, and conflict resolution, so that they may become the leading agents of change within their communities.
National Women’s Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality (WISE)
The Women’s Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality (WISE) is a global program, social network and grassroots social justice movement led by Muslim women. WISE is empowering Muslim women to fully participate in their communities and nations and amplifying their collective voices. Muslim women have enjoyed a rich legacy of excellence in their roles as leaders, professionals, caregivers and activists, and Islamic history is an impressive record of their remarkable contributions as teachers and scholars of sacred text and law. WISE represents an authoritative Muslim women’s movement to reclaim this legacy.
California American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute (Los Angeles)
The American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute (AMCLI) develops and trains American Muslim leaders who are committed to civic engagement. AMCLI strives to empower these pioneering leaders to realize their full potential, and in doing so, have a more effective and sustained impact on the issues affecting their communities, and America at large. Our nation is stronger when all citizens participate in shaping our democracy.
Connecticut Common Ground Services
Common Ground Services is an Islamic Consulting Firm with the aim of providing consulting, education, lectures, classes, events, partnerships in regard to Islam with REAL practicing Muslims. Research shows that most Americans have negative views on Islam, additionally most Americans have never met a Muslim. We aim to provide opportunities for Hospitals, Universities, Churches, Schools, Police Departments, Non-Profits, Public & Private institutions to have access to knowledge and consulting services regarding Islam & Muslims.
Illinois Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS)
ACCESS (Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services) has been serving the community for more than 40 years. Founded by a group of dedicated volunteers in 1971 out of a storefront in Dearborn’s impoverished south end, ACCESS was created to assist the Arab immigrant population adapt to life in the United States. ACCESS is the largest Arab American human services nonprofit in the United States. With eight locations and more than 100 programs serving metro Detroit, ACCESS offers a wide range of social, economic, health and educational services to a diverse population.
Illinois Arab American Family Services (Bridgeview)
AAFS provides service to over 30 communities in the South Suburban Chicagoland area. Our programs focus on the areas of safety net case management as well as domestic violence prevention and intervention, elderly and disability assistance, cultural diversity training, mental health assistance, immigration services, community health and edication programs and youth programs. AAFS is a non-political, non-religious organization that focuses on building respect and understanding between Arab-Americans and the mainstream-American culture.
Illinois Inner-City Muslim Action Network (Chicago)
IMAN’s organizing and advocacy agenda is driven by leaders who are directly affected by and deeply invested in the issues, and guided by the organization’s deep spiritual convictions around principles of human dignity, social justice and compassion, particularly for marginalized people of color in the inner-city.
Illinois Sound and Vision (Chicago)
Sound Vision (SV) is a 28 year-old not-for-profit organization headquartered in Chicago. Sound Vision builds bridges of understanding through public relations and media. One example of its efforts is how its public relations campaign during the Bosnian war of the early 1990s was pivotal in rape being declared a war crime in international law. SV’s website ( provides reflections, tips, and guidance to Muslim Western families on daily living.
New York Arab American Association of New York (Brooklyn)
Aimed to support and empower the Arab Immigrant and Arab American community by providing services to help them adjust to their new home and become active members of society. They hope for families to achieve the ultimate goals of independence, productivity and stability. .
New York Arab-American Family Support Center (Brooklyn)
The Arab-American Family Support Center empowers new immigrants with the tools they need to successfully acclimate to the world around them and become active participants in their communities. A non-profit, non-sectarian organization that provides culturally and linguistically sensitive services to immigrant communities throughout New York City.
New York Muslim Community Network (New York)
Founded in 2003 as a group of NYC based Muslim volunteers responding to urgent needs after 9/11, MCN has been working to build consensus and cooperation among diverse Muslims — crossing ethnic, gender, class and religious boundaries to build unity and understanding. MCN values an Islamic principle known as “Shura”, which means “consultation” and democratic participation in decision making activities by those who are affected by those decisions.
Washington DC United States Institute for Peace
An independent, nonpartisan institution established and funded by Congress to increase the nation’s capacity to manage international conflict without violence.


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